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Nomad's Style Massage

My massage style technique is an integration of various massage modalities and theories. Each method of touch offers a variety of ways to address an individual's pain and further progress their goal in health and fitness. My extensive experiences in Healthcare, Western Sciences, Environmental Science and Eastern Arts of Manual Manipulation contribute significantly to my massage style. It allows me to quickly recognize and address many physical issues rapidly and efficiently in various medical view. I am also able to inform and educate the individual about the different holistic and wellness options to obtain a higher level in their quality of life. Every individual should have easy access to information about the various Complementary and Alternative Medicines. The patient should also know the treatment that they are receiving and be able to have a brief understanding of it. Nomad's Style Massage is a highly complex adaptive style where I used various manual manipulation styles to effectivity address the complaints of the patient.  

The Nomad

Steven L. Nguyen

Licensed Massage Therapist

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