The Start of My Story

My journey to help and facilitate physical pain started more than 10 years ago. In my past, I was an International Dragon Boat Athlete that competed in the 2010 Club Crew World Championship in Macau and won the Silver Medal. Throughout my training and competitions, I witnessed many of my teammates and peers developed physical pain that affected them mentally and physically. These accumulated limitations would inhibit our training and our mental mindset, which prevented us from obtaining that Gold Medal. We were all high-performance athlete with a competitive nature, therefore even though we were thrilled about the Silver Medal, we were also slightly disappointed at the same time. We were only 0.4 seconds away from winning the Gold Medal! There were many aspects which affected our performance, such as fatigue, mindset, lack of proper recovery, and physical limitations. Many which can be addressed by manual manipulation and massage. This open the world to how massage can be one of the most effective tools during training and competition. Thus, my journey began!


My Inspiration to Holistic Touch & Wellness

Our win at the 2010 CCWC in Macau declared us the first New York Dragonboat Team to ever scored a medal in a major international competition. We made history! My beloved coach Timothy Woo was one of the greatest inspirations to me. I can still remember him stating “Everyone can be normal, but only few can be exceptional, today, we became exceptional!” Tim Woo was one of the most inspirational and motivational individuals I have ever met, he quickly became a role model and idol. He was the definition of a powerful and great leader. However, he fell ill and I witness one of the most athletic athletes starting to wither away. He would experience pain and weakness. However, he would always show up to practice and coach us demonstrating his experience and expertise. He would still work hard and developed training regimes. We were his second family! I eventually his physical body become weaker, but his mind became stronger. This incredible individual eventually explored Chinese Medicine and his mind and spirit became more beautiful. I still remember the quote that I live by. He stated “Life is short but it is so beautiful. Don’t waste it on the little things and negativity.” I made a vow to find a way to help him with his pain. My journey lead me to study Biological Sciences, Psychology, Pre-Physical Therapy, and Pharmacy Technician. However, each occupation address pain with unwanted side effects or the insufficient quality of care. As a result, I apprentice under the renowned Simon Woo, in Traditional East Asian Acupressure for more than 10 year, which eventually showed me my true path. I wanted to help and facilitate the physical pain of high-performance individuals like him in a holistic and enlighten way.  As a result, I entered the world of massage therapy as I saw its tremendous oriental in addressing pain. Also, I am in pursue of my Doctorate of Traditional Oriental Medicine, which includes Acupuncture, Herbology, and other modalities. Unfortunately, I am too late but, in his memory, I will assist those high-performance individuals to ease their pain in order to chase their dreams and accomplish them.

Image by Caleb Jones