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Steven L. Nguyen, LMT


My Full Story

My Path in Movement

I have been on a journey to educate and cultivate myself in various forms and modalities of medicine regarding pain. Initially, it was in pursuit of enhancing athletic performances and furthering their career. Quickly, I realized that healing through touch can be significant in alleviating one's pain and increases their quality of life.  This journey started since I was a child. I have studied numerous forms of martial arts since the age of 10. Throughout my life, I learned Karate, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Internal Chinese Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Pekiti Tirsia Kali. In addition, I also have a background in dance as a child. I would coordinate and assist my peers in improving their movements. I also become an international competitor in dragon boat racing. Recently, I have taken up Running, Bouldering and Archery as well. My countless experience and knowledge in movement, athleticism and competitions allows me to significantly understand what athletes and many individuals are seeking via manual manipulations. One of my biggest accomplishments in my life was when I won the Silver Medal in the World Cup Crew Championship at Macau in 2010. However, I was also disappointed as well because we lost the Gold Medal by 0.04 seconds. We were all high-level athletes with a strong competitive nature. As a result, I started to observe our bodies, training methods and recovery. I noticed many my teammates who developed physical pain which eventually affected them not only physically but mentally as well. These accumulations of stresses inhibit our quality of training and growth in sports and in life. Thus, this led to seek the path of touch and its various healing forms of manual manipulation. 

My Path in Medicine & Healing

My late dragon boat coach; whom I idolized, is one of the biggest reason for my pursuit in medicine and healing. He was one of the most inspiring and motivational individuals in my life and became my definition of a great leader and a beautiful human being. During his decline, we would also preach and emphasize a healthy lifestyle, a positive mind set, and becoming someone extraordinary. His exploration of Chinese Medicine allowed his mind and spirit to have a highly sophisticated understanding of the beauty of life. As a result, I began my journey into medicine. I have studied biological science, psychology, and environmental science throughout my undergrad. I also became certified as a Pharmacy Technician and worked as one for many years. I have seen the desperation of people in pain seeking relief. This strengthens my resolve to helps those in pain through holistic methods. I have also worked as a Physical Therapy Aide for many years as well. I have worked in inpatients and outpatients, where I assisted the directors of the rehabilitation programs and companies. Furthermore, I apprentice under the renowned Simon Woo, a Traditional East Asian Acupressure Master for more than 10 years. There I greatly assisted many individuals with their path to recovery and healing. I have also completed my New York Massage License with the prestigious Pacific College of Health & Science, which is nicknamed the "Ivy League of Massage Schools". Currently, I am finishing up my Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which consists of the practice of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology.  My eminence knowledge and experience of medicine enables me to truly listen to an individual's concerns and assist them in reaching a higher level in their quality of life. 

My Current Path & Work

I received my New York Massage Therapy license in 2021 with an immerse experience manual manipulation and acupressure. I am also a currently the teacher's assistant for the director for the Pacific College of Health & Science's Massage Therapy program. In addition, I am a tutor for the school's Masters of Traditional Oriental Medicine program, where I frequently tutor Biosciences, Chinese Herbs Theory, Acupuncture Points & Theory, and Oriental Medicine Theory. Furthermore, I am finishing up the Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine program as well with the pursuit of becoming an East Asian Medicine Doctor. 

The Future Vision

The world is filled with lost healing arts that can greatly benefit the modern world. As a result, my ultimate goal is to explore different cultures and learn the vast amount of ancient holistic therapies and share them with the world. 

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